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Sell Us Your Diabetic Test Strips

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Get Paid Up To $30 Per Box For Your Unopened & Unexpired Diabetic Test Strips

Do you have boxes of diabetic test strips lying around your house?

Sell your unexpired test strips to us and get paid cash.

We Pay The Most Money For These Types Of Diabetic Test Strips

If you happen to have either of these boxes sitting in your medicine cabinet or tucked away in a box,

We will pay you up to $30 for your Accu-Chek Aviva Plus and Accu-Chek Compact Plus 100 & 102 count boxes.

Contact Us Today For More Info.

Why Should You Sell Your Test Strips?

Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, due to the economic effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Many of those struggling Americans are diabetics who have access to an income source that people without diabetes just don't have.

We buy diabetic test strips from people just like you who have extra sealed and unexpired boxes just sitting around.

Why let them expire and go to waste, when you can sell them to us and get paid cash?

We take pride in serving you, and love repeat customers.

If you're new here, please allow us to earn your trust. 

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How Can You Make Money Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips

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Get Paid Cash For Your Diabetic Test Strips

1. Gather all your extra boxes of diabetic test strips.

2. Check all the expiration dates to make sure no boxes are expired. (Notice: We WILL NOT pay for expired, soiled, marked (ink or marker) or opened supplies. Please DO NOT send expired, marked, opened or supplies that don’t match your quote, they WILL NOT be returned. Please verify the minimum expiration date before submitting.)

3. Examine all of your boxes to make sure they have never been opened, are in good shape, are not damaged, and have not had the label torn off. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE LABEL YOURSELF. After we receive the boxes, we professionally remove the labels to make sure the boxes are not damaged. All personal information will be discarded to ensure your identity remains secure.

4. Fill out our Contact Form to let us know how many boxes you are sending.  We will reply with an email containing shipping instructions.


5. Securely pack all the boxes you are sending into a sturdy box. The U.S. post office has FREE Priority Mail Boxes that are great to use, and they provide a tracking number.

6. Once we receive your boxes, we will thoroughly inspect them to confirm that the type and amount of strips received matches the amount shipped. We will then contact you to inform you payment amount. Your payment will include reimbursement for shipping:

Send us a copy of your receipt from the post office, and we will reimburse you for your shipping cost.


7. Mail your package to:
Sell Us Your Test Strips
28 Maple Ave. Floor 2
Williamstown NJ, 08094

Please note, we 
WILL NOT pay for boxes that arrive expired, opened, or stained in any way, including marker or pen ink.

8. Your payment will be sent to you via PayPal or Cash App.

Your payment will be sent once your boxes pass inspection.

We only accept boxes with at least 7 months left before expiration.

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

We Will Pay Cash For Your Diabetic Test Strips

Most people don't know that they can sell their unexpired boxes of test strips, and once they do many of them are skeptical and never capitalize on the opportunity.

Selling your extra boxes of diabetic test strips is an easy and legal way for you to put extra cash in your pocket.

Think about how many boxes of test strips you've let expire, or have thrown in the trash.

They could have been money in your pocket!!!


Here's What People Are Saying Who Have Sold Us Their Test Strips

David Jackson

U.S Marine Veteran San Diego CA

"I am so thankful that I am able to sell the test strips that I have left over every month. The money has really helped me stay afloat so far during the Pandemic."

Mary Nelson

Walmart Associate Phoenix AZ

"My friends think I have a part-time job. They have no clue that I sell my diabetic test strips."

Stacy McAdams

Stay At Home Mom Cherry Hill NJ

"Selling my diabetic test strips allows me to have extra money to do fun projects with my children. A courier picks up my strips and gives me cash in hand. It's a great thing!"

Local Pickup In Southern New Jersey

We are located in Williamstown NJ, just minutes from the famous GEETS Diner & Bar.

If you are in the South Jersey area and would like us to  pick up your test strips, we will do so at no cost to you.

Our couriers are friendly and always respect your safety when picking up your diabetic test strips.

If you would like us to pick up your unopened and non expired test strips send us a message below.

Let us know what you type of test strips you have to sell, and we will contact you to set up a date, time and location for pickup.

You Will Be Paid Cash At The Time Of Pickup



Sell Us Your Test Strips is a family business located in southern New Jersey, less than an hour from Philadelphia and Atlantic City.

We are known for being reliable, consistent and for our A-1 service in the second-hand market. We work with suppliers across the country, and now we want to provide you with our services and preferential prices!

We are a leader in the diabetic test strip industry and provide test strips to people who cannot afford excessive retail prices. Not only that, but we guarantee that once you do business with us, you will never need anyone else!


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